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TRICS® Consortium Limited has managed and hosted events for its user organisations (collectively known as the TRICS® Community) since 1996. There are usually two events per year, these being the annual TRICS® User Meeting in June, usually at a venue in London, and the TRICS® Training and Development Forum, which takes place at a different regional location. TRICS® member organisations can send an attendee to each event free of charge (one free place available per licensed office location), with places available on a first come first served basis. Places at these events can be booked directly via this website as and when bookings are ready to commence.

The annual TRICS® User Meeting is held at a venue in London in June each year. These events have taken place since 1996 and have proven to be very popular with our member organisations. They are ideal for users who want to find out more about the system and its associated projects and have always been an ideal opportunity to meet with other members of the TRICS® Community and provide much welcomed feedback and ideas.

These events consist of a number of PowerPoint presentations on topics such as system development, research projects and technical analyses, feedback from our annual TRICS® User Survey, case studies of TRICS® use and multi-modal surveys, TRICS® good practice, and guest speakers presenting their own topics and projects that are associated with TRICS®. The aim of this event is to cover the wider project to provide an overview of what is happening and to exchange ideas about its future. There is also a session that acts as an open forum where a general discussion takes place, whilst at the same time there is an alternative option to attend a TRICS® system demonstration, which is always handy for new users and for those looking to refresh their knowledge of the system.

The TRICS® User Meeting is also a great opportunity to mix with other members of the TRICS® Community over a buffet lunch. It is in informal yet productive event that we believe has served both the TRICS® team and our users well over many years.

The annual TRICS® Training & Development Forum is held at a venue within a different UK region in November each year. These events have taken place since 2015 and have also been proven to be popular with our member organisations. They are similar in some ways to the annual TRICS® User Meetings, but these events are slightly more system-focused, with an emphasis on the day to day use of TRICS® as opposed to the wider TRICS® project that is covered at our User Meetings. The Training & Development Forums are also slightly shorter in length given their regional locations, to make transport arrangements easier for attendees.

These events consist of PowerPoint presentations on subjects such as system development, annual data collection programmes, a shorter version of a system demonstration highlighting specific points of interest, and a focus on other specific technical elements of the system and associated technical analyses. Like the User Meeting the event ends with an open forum session for the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for everyone to have their say on the future of TRICS® system development.

Just like the TRICS® User Meeting, the TRICS® Training & Development Forum also provides a good opportunity to mix with other members of the TRICS® Community over a buffet lunch, and is an informal yet productive event from which we receive many good ideas and much valued technical feedback from attendees.

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