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Technical analyses using the TRICS database are regularly undertaken by the TRICS team, with Technical Notes presenting the results. Guidance Notes to assist TRICS users are also available, including the important TRICS Good Practice Guide and TRICS Multi-Modal Methodology document. These reports are helpful and informative documents which are free to everyone, and can enhance the use and understanding of our system. They can all be downloaded directly from this website.

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A number of online presentations have been put together following the publication of the Decide and Provide report released earlier this year, and we thought it would be a good idea to put a recording on the website to allow all TRICS Members to see these. The Covid-19 restrictions over the past 18 months have made it difficult to undertake presentations in person, so it is hoped that these short videos will assist until we can host a fully live event.



TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to offer free in-person presentations at TRICS user offices that detail the various stages of the process of commissioning TRICS Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) surveys.

Free TRICS SAM Survey Process Presentation Sessions

26th February 2024

TRICS Consortium Ltd are pleased to confirm the next update of TRICS, version 7.11.1, will go live on Friday 29th March 2024.

TRICS 7.11.1 will include a range of new surveys and the TRICS team look forward to delivering this update as we continue to improve and enhance our system and its data with the input and assistance of everyone in the TRICS community

26th February 2024

TRICS Consortium Limited is pleased to announce the date and location of our 6th annual TRICS Training & Development Forum.

This event is being held at The Caves in Edinburgh, on Tuesday 18th June 2024. Registration will commence at 10:30 for a start at 11:00, and the event will close at 15:00.

This is a separate event to our annual TRICS User Meeting (which takes place in November). Whilst the User Meeting is always held in London, the Training & Development Forum is held regionally in a different part of the UK on each occasion, reflecting the diverse office locations of the TRICS Community. This is also a slightly different event to the User Meeting in that it is more oriented towards the technical day to day operational side of the TRICS system. It is an event where we discuss the use of TRICS and its components and data more than at the User Meeting, which tends to be more wide-ranging across the project as a whole and covering associated transport-industry topics. To give everyone a flavour of what will be discussed at this year’s Training & Development Forum, we have pencilled in the following presentations, which are of course subject to possible amendment.

  • TRICS – More Than Just Trip Generation (how the system can be used for a wide range of technical analyses)
  • TRICS System Demonstration – Advanced Features
  • Good Practice Hints & Tips
  • TRICS Case Studies From a User’s Perspective
  • Update on the Development of TRICS 8 in Progress
  • TRICS Development Open Forum

As per the User Meeting, the TRICS Training & Development Forum is free to attend for one person from each TRICS-licensed office, with additional places for attendees from the same user office charged at £190 + VAT (this fee would also apply to any non-TRICS member organisations per attendee). Tea and coffee will as usual be provided at registration, and attendees can mix in the usual way and exchange their thoughts and ideas over a buffet lunch. Unlike the User Meeting, there will be no optional “breakout” session in the afternoon, with all presentations and discussions taking place in a single room. For those wanting to look up the location of The Caves, it is close to Edinburgh’s Old Town and not far from Edinburgh Waverley rail station.

Therefore, please save the date in your calendars if you are interested in attending. We will be working on the booking system soon and will send out a further email to everyone once this is up and running so that places can be booked on a first come, first served basis. The TRICS team look forward to meeting with our users once again.

19th February 2024

TRICS Consortium Limited invites all user organisations to participate in our annual TRICS User Survey, which is now live. To access the survey, which should only take a short time, please go to the following link.

2024 TRICS User Survey

As users of TRICS, your opinions are of great value to us. Our annual survey is much more than just a marketing exercise – you can have your direct say in the future of TRICS, its data collection programme, system development and associated projects. It is a very important time for us here at TRICS, as we start to design and implement a major system re-write, TRICS 8. We are also involved in a variety of other projects, so now, more than ever, we need to hear what you have to say about our system, as we strive to improve it in every way that we can.

Over the years, many ideas in response to our user surveys have become actual system improvements, and we want this to continue. We aim to ensure that the whole experience of using TRICS is hassle-free, with an intuitive and user-friendly system that makes your job easier. The best way to do this is through engaging with the TRICS Community, consisting of over 370 organisations across all parts of the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It is this truly inclusive and interactive way that has seen the system evolve over three decades and will see it continue to improve and develop through years to come. So please get involved and have your say in the future of TRICS today.

We look forward to receiving your comments and ideas. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

30th January 2024

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce that we are now offering Travel Plan Monitoring Reports as an optional extra to clients who commission Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) surveys.

TPMR's are a very quick and handy way of presenting information on a site's travel plan and its multi-modal survey results, and include automated explanatory commentary that is designed to be understandable by those who may not be directly familiar with the workings of TRICS. SAM survey clients are now able to state their trip generation and mode split criteria for inclusion in the reports (i.e. start and end times, direction and mode type), with the reports being generated and supplied by TRICS as separate PDF documents. A bonus of TPMR's is that they can also include any previous surveys at the same development for comparative purposes.

Once a SAM survey is validated it can take up to three months for it to become available in one of our quarterly TRICS database updates, so including a TPMR along with the finalised survey outputs would mean that clients obtain these reports before they could be produced by any other party using the TRICS system.

The option for inclusion of TMPR's as part of SAM survey commissions (costing £212 + VAT for each report) has now been added to our survey agreements. If anyone would like further information please contact a member of the TRICS team.

1st December 2023

Following a highly successful 26th TRICS User Meeting in London on Tuesday 28th of November 2023, TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce the availability of free copies of the event’s presentations.

We had some great guest speakers this year, and have been very pleased at the fantastic feedback we have received from numerous sources since the event took place. As always, the presentations provided great food for thought, covering a mix of topics which in turn ensured that there were plenty of questions provided by the attendees who also contributed to an interesting and informative day.

The PowerPoint presentations, with some of these including commentary underneath each slide, are available via the link shown on our website’s Homepage.

The TRICS team are already looking forward to the 2024 User Meeting next November, and in the meantime have started work on the 2024 TRICS Training & Development Forum which is to be held in June. Further details of this event, once the location and date are confirmed, will be forwarded in a separate email. Until then, we would like to thank everyone who attended the event and contributed to another memorable gathering of the TRICS Community.