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The 2023 TRICS User Meeting took place on Tuesday 28th November in London. Each of the presentations given at this event can now be freely downloaded, complete with explanatory commentary.

The 2023 TRICS Training and Development Forum took place on Tuesday 20th July in Nottingham. Each of the presentations given at this event can now be freely downloaded, complete with explanatory commentary.

A number of online presentations have been put together following the publication of the Decide and Provide report released earlier this year, and we thought it would be a good idea to put a recording on the website to allow all TRICS Members to see these. The Covid-19 restrictions over the past 18 months have made it difficult to undertake presentations in person, so it is hoped that these short videos will assist until we can host a fully live event.



TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to offer free in-person presentations at TRICS user offices that detail the various stages of the process of commissioning TRICS Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) surveys.

Free TRICS SAM Survey Process Presentation Sessions

1st December 2023


This update will include a number of new surveys, and will also include the 2024 updates of the TRICS Good Practice Guide and the TRICS Multi-Modal Methodology Document. The TRICS team look forward to delivering this system update and to working with all members of the TRICS community, as we continue to improve and enhance our system and its data.

1st December 2023

Following a highly successful 26th TRICS User Meeting in London on Tuesday 28th of November 2023, TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce the availability of free copies of the event’s presentations.

We had some great guest speakers this year, and have been very pleased at the fantastic feedback we have received from numerous sources since the event took place. As always, the presentations provided great food for thought, covering a mix of topics which in turn ensured that there were plenty of questions provided by the attendees who also contributed to an interesting and informative day.

The PowerPoint presentations, with some of these including commentary underneath each slide, are available via the link shown on our website’s Homepage.

The TRICS team are already looking forward to the 2024 User Meeting next November, and in the meantime have started work on the 2024 TRICS Training & Development Forum which is to be held in June. Further details of this event, once the location and date are confirmed, will be forwarded in a separate email. Until then, we would like to thank everyone who attended the event and contributed to another memorable gathering of the TRICS Community.

23rd October 2023

TRICS Consortium Limited can announce that user licence fees, Bureau Service fees and Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) site visit fees (plus fees for inputting and validating independently undertaken surveys) have been revised, and will take effect from 1st January 2024. The revised fees are now shown on our website at on our Membership, Bureau Service and SAM pages, alongside the current 2023 fees.

As everyone knows, prices have been increasing across all parts of the economy, including fees charged to TRICS for undertaking our surveys. In 2023 we have commissioned 270 surveys across the UK and Ireland, and have managed and delivered a further 70 independently commissioned SAM surveys, all of which are being added to the TRICS database to maintain and improve our data across a multitude of development types. In 2024 we are again committed to a further 270 surveys across all regions, as we recognise the greatest value of our system is its data and its continuous replenishment.

It is also our intention to develop and deliver a major re-write and upgrade of TRICS in 2024. This will be TRICS 8, which will include a significant number of major new system features and improvements. Preliminary work on the ideas and process of developing this redesign of the system has been taking place through 2023, and we will be delivering this much-improved database system at our own cost, with none of this to be passed on to our users. This reflects our ongoing and total commitment to maintaining and improving our system. We will also continue to offer our two popular TRICS user events each year with free attendance available to all user organisations, these being our TRICS Training & Development Forum in June and our TRICS User Meeting in November.

We are also pleased to confirm that these revised fees are being implemented below the rate of inflation. Alongside the need to continue to deliver an improved database with new data being added every quarter, we recognise the situation many organisations are subject to in terms of rising costs in all areas, so we have limited our increases as much as possible to reflect this. It should also be noted that we offer a quarterly payment option to all user organisations, allowing them to spread fees over a 12-month period.

Everyone at TRICS Consortium looks forward to working with all members of the TRICS Community in 2024, in what should be an exciting year in the growth and development of TRICS.

20th September 2023

TRICS Consortium limited are pleased to announce its new Management Team and structure, which formally takes effect from 1st October 2023. The new structure of the team and its responsibilities means that there is a new level of project oversight, with the restructuring also providing the team with a natural flow of progression and succession. This review also means that the TRICS project will be in a great position to grow and move into new and exciting areas of research and development.

Managing Director: Lynn Basford

Lynn Basford has been appointed Managing Director, initially on an interim basis with a view to a permanent appointment. Lynn has a wealth of experience, including running her own company and also with TRICS as a Director at JMP Consultants prior to TRICS becoming an independent company in 2015. She has also been instrumental in the development of the Decide & Provide method for Transport Assessments and was the lead author of the TRICS Guidance Note on the Practical Implementation of the Decide & Provide Approach (February 2021). Lynn brings to the company a business-oriented approach which will complement the skills of the other members of the Management Team and will run the company whilst also providing highly valued input into its direction and strategy.

Project Director: Ian Coles

Ian Coles has been appointed Project Director. Ian has been working on the TRICS project for 32 years and has been the Project Manager for the past 20 years. Originally starting work on the project in February 1991, Ian has worked on, managed and delivered each of the annual TRICS data collection programmes, along with numerous project developments. These have included the introduction of the first user licensing system, the introduction of multi-modal surveys in 2000, the development and implementation of the Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) in 2005, and the development of the online version of the TRICS database. His new role as Project Director is a natural culmination of his career. Using his three decades of TRICS experience, Ian will provide oversight to the project, will be involved in the administration of the TRICS company, and will also provide direction in research and strategic development.

Project Manager: Owen Edwards

Owen Edwards has been appointed Project Manager. Owen has been working on the TRICS project for 10 years, having started as Operations Officer and then subsequently being promoted to Assistant Manager. Over the past decade Owen has developed the comprehensive set of skills and gained the necessary experience that naturally brings him to Project Manager level. In recent years he has taken on increased managerial responsibilities, and in 2022 developed and implemented the new TRICS user licensing system. Running the TRICS project, Owen will be responsible for the delivery of our annual data collection programmes, the development of the TRICS database, and the undertaking and delivery of TRICS technical analyses and strategic research projects.

TRICS Administrator: Anne-Marie Kanor

Anne-Marie Kanor joined TRICS in 2023 and was appointed to the new role of TRICS Administrator. This is a key role within the team which deals with company and project administration and monitoring throughout its various sub-areas, including annual data collection programmes and SAM surveys, the administration and delivery of the annual TRICS user events, and liaison with our clients and suppliers. The TRICS Administrator role is important to the company as it links to all parts of the team to provide added cohesion and fluidity through the project’s administrative functions. This role is evolving to include further elements such as financial and day-to-day company management.

12th September 2023

The deadline for new TRICS SAM survey commissions in this Autumn’s survey window passed on the 11th of September 2023. Therefore, any new requests for SAM surveys will need to be for the Spring 2024 window, which opens on the 1st of March.

2023 has been a record year for SAM commissions with over 70 surveys requested, and there are good signs that this trend is going to continue into next year. For each survey window we need to set a deadline as the process requires lead time, both for ourselves and our TRICS-approved data collection contractors, and we ensure that each deadline is announced with a good amount of notice.

If any organisation wishes to commission SAM surveys they can get in touch with the TRICS team at any time so that projects can be set up for the Spring 2024 window