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The system that challenges and
validates assumptions about the
transport impacts of new developments.

It is the UK and Ireland’s national system of trip generation analysis, containing over 7150 directional transport surveys at over 110 types of development. TRICS® was founded and is owned by 6 County Councils in the south of England, collectively the TRICS® Consortium. However, its annual collection programme covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, across 17 defined regions.


This is reflected in the national spread of member organisations across each of these regions, which we know as the TRICS® Community.

This is the website for that community, as well as being a resource for anyone interested in the field of trip generation analysis. Please have a look around – we look forward to receiving your feedback.

On behalf of TRICS® Consortium Ltd,
I would like to welcome you to the
home of the TRICS® Community.

TRICS® is the national system of trip generation analysis for the UK and Ireland, an essential method of measuring the likely transport generated by new developments. I am pleased to be part of the management group that delivers this integral and established feature of the transport planning and development management process.

2015 sees a milestone in the TRICS® journey. On 1st January 2015 the project was for the first time run by its own company. The creation of this new company will enable the current system to be promoted in foreign countries and will also enable the team to develop some new and exciting products to serve the Transportation Industry. Both these areas of work will enable increased development of our current system and help to improve and expand our data collection programme; all to the benefit of our current members and the wider transport planning industry.

From the outset in 1989, we determined that the users should have an ongoing and direct input into how the project was to be developed, and this unique working relationship with the TRICS® Community has culminated in many upgrades and re-writes over the years, with major milestones being the development of a version of TRICS® for Windows, the introduction of the live system on the web, and, more recently, the major upgrade of the user interface that is TRICS® 7.

Meet the team
Nick Rabbets (Managing Director)
020 3657 2184/ 07500 043 360

Ian Coles  (Project Manager)
020 3657 2185/  07799 778 878
Owen Edwards (Assistant Manager)
020 3657 2187/ 07765 383 630

Siddika Begum  (Operations Officer)
020 3657 2186
Harry Summerfield (Technical Officer)
020 3927 8488/ 07826 180 609

Tracey Spencer  (Operations Officer)
020 3657 2188

User training & demonstrations

The sessions consist of a full system demonstration, in which all parts of the system are covered. This lasts approximately one hour, and is then followed by an optional "hands-on" session where attendees can practice using the latest version of the TRICS® software with specially-designed "test sheets". This is designed to introduce new users to the system.

Each demonstration/training session costs £500 + VAT, and is free of charge to TRICS® member universities. Organisations hosting sessions are asked to provide a computer and projector for the demonstration part of the session, and also to provide the computer facilities for the training part of the session. Non-member organisations will be provided with temporary access to the TRICS® system for the purposes of the session.

One month free trial

A free trial of TRICS® will allow you to view the system's features and the ever-expanding database of transport surveys which TRICS® offers. It is ideal for those interested in purchasing a software licence, allowing them to evaluate the system in full before committing to membership. The only restriction during the trial period is that you cannot use TRICS® for commercial purposes, with the trial being for evaluation purposes only. So why not try the system out before you become a member?

Many new members of the TRICS® Community originally took up this offer, which provides trialists with full use of the latest version of the system, along with unlimited user support. The TRICS® Team can set up your free trial today, it's quick and it's easy - contact us to request your free trial

SAM has been developed by TRICS® as a system of monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of travel plans. It uses long established TRICS® methods of multi-modal data collection enhanced with comprehensive information on travel plan details to produce robust travel plan survey results. Click here for more information.

TRICS office is closing over the festive
period, for the purposes of moving from
5pm on 22 December 2015 to 9am on
5 January 2016.

Our new address as of 5th January 2016 will be as follows:
TRICS Consortium Limited, Office 205, 2 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9DX

Our new numbers as of 5th January 2016 will be:
02036572184 - Nick
02036572185 - Ian
02036572186 - Siddika
02036572187 - Owen

A Message from TRICS Consortium Ltd
We are getting in touch to say a big thank you to our member organisations in what has been a difficult and turbulent year in so many ways.

We know that quite a large number of our users receiving this message may have been temporarily without work over a period of time, and for those who have returned we say welcome back! And to all of our member organisations we say thank you to sticking with us. We are sure that, just like the team here at TRICS, you can’t wait to get this year out of the way and look forward to a fresh start.

The suspension of TRICS surveys in March this year was of course unfortunate, but this did allow us to work on some other projects, including the completion of the report on the multi-modal study at Cambourne Village (and the development of its associated web portal), an update of the TRICS Multi-Modal Methodology document, and a full revision of the TRICS Good Practice Guide (including much greater detail and the introduction of some new sections). Phase 2 of the TRICS TDB system for our users in Australia and New Zealand has also been completed and is live. And other collaborative research has been taking place behind the scenes that we will share with the TRICS Community in the new year. We managed to cover most regions of the UK and Ireland with a fast-tracked Autumn survey programme too, working with our TRICS-approved data collection contractors, and some of these surveys will be included in TRICS version 7.7.4 which is going live on Friday 18th December (with more data to follow in next March’s release of TRICS version 7.8.1). It will be interesting to undertake some research comparing surveys undertaken during times of restrictions to pre-pandemic data, something that we have scheduled for early next year.

There are a number of good reasons for optimism in 2021. We have a full programme of traffic and multi-modal surveys scheduled across all regions of the UK and Ireland in the Spring and Autumn survey windows, and next year will also see the commencement of our major TRICS 8 redesign, which will see a number of new features introduced into our system as well as a full review of the system’s efficiencies and structure. In addition to this we really hope to resume our annual user events, starting with the 2021 TRICS User Meeting in June (we will keep everyone informed about this as we go along). Even though we have not been able to meet as a group as we have done for many years, we have been really pleased at how your ideas and feedback have kept coming through to us, which as always is warmly welcomed and allows TRICS to continue to adapt and evolve over time as it has always done. Having said that, you cannot beat the actual gathering together of our users and the ideas that come about because of these events, and we really hope that this can resume soon. We promise you that when it does we will do our utmost to make our events better than ever.

TRICS Consortium Limited would like to wish all of the TRICS Community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you and working with you again in 2021.

TRICS Guidance Note on Changes in Travel Behaviour

TRICS Consortium Limited (TRICS) is responding to the fact that the world is experiencing significant change in relation to social, technological, economic and environmental drivers which in turn is creating new dynamics in travel behaviour and challenges for transport planning. In the face of deep uncertainty, the “predict and provide” paradigm that has framed transport planning processes is to give way to “decide and provide” paradigm – decide on the preferred future and provide the means to work towards that which can accommodate uncertainty. Click HERE for more information and to download the report in full.

More News
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Statement on TRICS Surveys

Due to current circumstances TRICS Consortium Limited will not be undertaking any surveys within any regions subject to Tier 4 (or higher) Covid-19 restrictions, as this level of restriction is considered the equivalent of lockdown.

The next TRICS survey window opens on 1st March 2021, as per usual, and we are currently putting together our regional data collection programme for this year. It is of course unclear what the situation will be in March, but we currently intend to undertake surveys within any regions that have restrictions of Tier 3 or lower from the commencement of the Spring window. This may also mean that we need to move the dates of regional surveys back, and our TRICS-approved data collection contractors will be notified accordingly as we move forwards and monitor the ongoing situation. TRICS is in a good position in terms of being able to react and adapt to change, and we will always keep everyone fully informed in terms of decisions that are made regarding our surveys, as we have done throughout 2020.

With regards to specifically commissioned SAM surveys, it should be noted that the TRICS team will not be undertaking site visits in any Tier 4 areas (this also applies to regional site visits that are an initial part of our annual data collection process). This may mean some delay in undertaking arrangements for SAM surveys in the Spring. It is still our intention to undertake a data collection programme in 2021, but I am sure our user organisations will appreciate that we need to do so in a safe way, and in a way that follows guidelines and the law. Our highest priority is, as always, the safety of our staff and everyone else involved in the collection of survey data.

Please contact the TRICS team should you wish to discuss this in any further detail.


2021 TRICS Good Practice Guide Now Available

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce the publication and availability of a major update to the TRICS Good Practice Guide for 2021.

Following a period of consultation with members of the TRICS Community followed by discussions amongst the TRICS team, this important document has been fully revised and expanded to over 60 pages, and as a result is a much more comprehensive source of guidance for anyone undertaking work using TRICS, and for those tasked with auditing reports produced using the system and included in documents such as Transport Assessments.

Therefore, this 2021 version of the guidance is now live, and instantly supersedes the 2016 version of the document that is currently included in the TRICS Library module of the current 7.7.3 version of the system. TRICS version 7.7.4, which goes live on 18th December 2020, will include the 2021 document within the Library module.

All sections of the document have been fully revised and expanded to provide greater clarity, plus there are new sections covering the following:

  • How TRICS defines Gross Floor Area (GFA)
  • The Method of TRICS Trip Rate Calculations
  • Understanding the TRICS Vehicle Occupants Count
  • Understanding the TRICS Servicing Vehicles Count
  • Appendix: A worked example of a Trip Rate Calculation scenario

We consider this document to be essential reading for anyone involved with producing or auditing TRICS reports, as it is often used and quoted up to Public Inquiry level. It provides everyone with a greater understanding of TRICS in numerous ways, as well as providing a useful source of awareness raising in the very nature of TRICS data and the way in which it should be used and presented. And it can be accessed immediately HERE. We look forward to receiving feedback from members of the TRICS Community and to continuing to update this guidance on an annual basis.



Following the Government’s decision to commence with lockdown restrictions in England on Thursday 5th November 2020, TRICS Consortium Limited has, regrettably, suspended all surveys in England from today, until a time when these new restrictions are lifted. This effectively closes the Autumn 2020 TRICS survey window for England a month early.

It was our intention to continue with our surveys in November, providing that the restrictions in place were short of a lockdown. Unfortunately, we have now reached the stage where we cannot continue with surveys in England. We did have surveys as part of our annual regional programme due to take place in November, and these will, subject to agreement with our suppliers, now be taking place from March 2021 when the next survey window opens. Please note that this suspension does not currently affect planned surveys for Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland later this month. Also, our full regional programme for 2021 is still scheduled to take place, and we are proceeding with arrangements for this accordingly.

This suspension also applies to independently commissioned TRICS SAM surveys. All clients of scheduled SAM surveys have been contacted to be offered the opportunity to resume their projects in Spring 2021.

As we are sure you will appreciate our highest priority is the health and safety of both the team here at TRICS and our TRICS-approved data collection contractors. We are in a position at TRICS where we can swiftly react and adapt to the ongoing situation across all parts of the UK and Ireland, and any further updates will be made available on this page.

We would be happy to answer any questions anyone may have regarding this statement, so please always feel free to get in touch. As always, we would like to take the opportunity to wish all of the TRICS Community the very best in these difficult times.


On-line Training Options for TRICS

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce the introduction of on-line training sessions using the Cisco Webex facility.

In these challenging times we have adapted to using on-line facilities more often, and we are now in the position where we can offer two forms of on-line training sessions, which will replace our on-site training sessions whilst this is necessary, and perhaps also remain as an option once we can resume the face-to-face version of these sessions.

We have a professional account with Cisco Webex, which allows anyone to create their own free account and download the app accordingly, and also allows us to hold on-line training for a high number of attendees, with no limit on the length of each session. We have introduced two different training options, which are as follows.

Option 1

A TRICS system demonstration, lasting approximately one hour. This is the standard demonstration of the TRICS database and its various functions, which is a good introduction to new users and a refresher for those who may use the system from time to time. The TRICS system screen would be shared so all attendees can see it in operation. A test sheet would be provided to attendees so that they can have a go at using the system and trying out a few different trip generation scenarios in their own time following the session. The cost of this training is £300 + VAT (note that this is discounted from the standard £500 + VAT charged for on-site training sessions).

Option 2

A tailored presentation (in PowerPoint) covering an element (or elements) of the TRICS project, for example good practice, the multi-modal survey methodology, how we go about undertaking our survey programmes, or anything else that an organisation wishes us to discuss. The subject matter would be agreed prior to the talk taking place, which would last around 30-45 minutes, followed by questions afterwards (so the whole session could last an hour or a bit longer). Some organisations have asked for this in the past as a way of understanding certain elements of TRICS in more detail, and we are very flexible on what we can cover on the day. The cost of this option is £500 + VAT.

As mentioned above, attendance at these sessions is subject to the Cisco Webex facility being downloaded for everyone wishing to take part. A list of attendee emails would be forwarded to the team here at TRICS, and then an invite would be sent out to each attendee once a date and time had been agreed. Owen Edwards (TRICS Assistant Manager) would undertake the system demonstration sessions, whilst myself as Project Manager would give the more tailored presentations.

If you are interested in booking either of these on-line training options, or of you have any questions regarding what is available, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

TRICS Licence Fees Frozen for 2021

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce that there will be no increase in TRICS licence fees in 2021.

In these unprecedented and challenging times, we recognise that the members of the TRICS Community have had to adapt to changing circumstances, and we appreciate the further difficulties and challenges that may lay ahead. Therefore, we will not be increasing licence fees or data processing fees next year, and will instead freeze them at 2020 levels. At the same time, we have resumed our data collection programmes, and have an ambitious target of multi-modal and vehicular surveys to undertake across the UK and Ireland in 2021, which remains completely unaffected by our decision, along with an Autumn 2020 programme of 100 surveys currently in progress. We will also be pushing ahead with our TRICS 8 system redesign, and as further information is available regarding this we will of course be letting all of our users know, so that they can all engage throughout the process with much valued ideas and feedback.

The only changes to fees in 2021 will be for the use of the TRICS Bureau Service by non-TRICS users, with these seeing a small uplift from 1st January 2021. Therefore, a full list of the TRICS licence and Bureau Service fees through 2021 is as follows (our website will also be updated to reflect this).

Licence Type
Current 2020 Fees
2021 Fees
Single User £2,830.00 £2,830.00
Small Business £3,450.00 £3,450.00
Education £500.00 £500.00
Corporate 1 Site £3,800.00 £3,800.00
Corporate 2-6 Site £2,525.00 £2,525.00
Corporate 7+ Site £1,720.00 £1,720.00
Joining Fee £650.00 £650.00
Bureau Type
Current 2020 Fees
2021 Fees
Annual Membership £640.00 £640.00
L1 (Member) £123.00 £127.00
L2 (Member) £240.00 £247.00
L2 Rank (Member) £47.00 £50.00
L1 (Ad-hoc) £345.00 £360.00
L2 (Ad-hoc) £440.00 £460.00
L2 Rank (Ad-hoc) £73.00 £80.00

Statement on the 2020 TRICS User Meeting

TRICS Consortium Limited has taken the regrettable decision to cancel this year’s TRICS User Meeting in London, which was due to take place on 25th November 2020.

In recent weeks we have been in communication with the venue of our event, BMA House in Central London, whose staff have been working very hard behind the scenes to make their venue Covid-19 safe, including the introduction of social distancing measures and revised safe catering arrangements. However, test events have yet to take place in the UK, and it seems that the resumption of meetings and events of this type will not be happening on the 1st of October 2020 as previously envisaged.

This, coupled with ongoing increases in Covid-19 cases across the UK in recent weeks, has led us to our decision to cancel our event. Meeting with our users at our annual events is an important part of the work that we do, as the feedback and ideas we receive at our User Meetings and Training & Development Forums has always been fantastic, as has the networking opportunities that our events provide for all members of the TRICS Community. We certainly look forward to the time when our events can resume, and we can all meet again and discuss all the elements of our project.

The good news is that we have agreed with the venue that we can hold our 2021 TRICS User Meeting there next June, again dependent on the situation in the UK at that time, and we will commence with preparations for this event early in the new year, with a new agenda put together, and we will of course let everyone know when there is further detail available. We also intend to hold our Training & Development Forum in November 2021, so we really want to get our events back to normal once it is safe to do so.

Please keep safe, and we look forward to meeting with you all as soon as we can.

Resumption of TRICS SAM Surveys

TRICS Consortium Limited is pleased to announce that we are now able to resume our SAM survey programme.

Therefore, it is our intention to resume with SAM site visits from August 2020, with surveys resuming from 1st October 2020 until the end of November. This means that new SAM survey agreements can now be raised. However, our initial priority is to contact clients who had previously requested surveys in 2020, which were postponed in March, to assess what their current project situations are. Once we have a better understanding we can plan for the possible addition of new surveys. So, although we can raise new agreements, please note that we cannot guarantee that all requests for Autumn 2020 surveys will be fulfilled.

Also note that the deadline for raising new agreements for potential Autumn 2020 surveys is 1st October 2020, with any subsequent agreements raised being based on potential Spring 2021 surveys. Any site visits previously undertaken for surveys that were subsequently postponed are now void, so in every case we will need to start the SAM process from scratch.

Our top priority is the safety of our staff and everyone else involved in our surveys. Therefore, we shall assess our ability to mitigate risk of Covid-19 on a case-by-case basis, which may mean that some surveys will need to be provisionally scheduled for Spring 2021, whilst more straightforward surveys (with minimal risk and requiring less face-to-face interaction) could go ahead in Autumn 2020, again depending on our capacity.

As I am sure everyone will appreciate, this is a fluid and evolving situation, and although we are pleased to be able to resume our SAM survey programme, this is subject to change should the Covid-19 situation in the UK worsen and new official guidance issued accordingly.

If you do decide to progress with SAM surveys, with the agreement of your own client, the risk of any challenge to the validity of the final results (due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in the UK) will be down to yourselves, and will not be the responsibility of TRICS Consortium Limited.

Resumption of the TRICS Data Collection Programme

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce our plans for the resumption of our data collection programme, following a three month suspension due to Covid-19 in the UK and Ireland.

We will be approaching this resumption of survey activity in two stages. The first stage is a programme of 100 Level 1 (traffic) surveys across all regions of the UK and Ireland. This has been fast-tracked, with the intention being to get some new, good quality survey data onto the database as quickly as we can, whilst at the same time observing official guidance on safety (meaning that no interviewing will be taking place and the surveys will be fully observational in nature). For this programme we have selected a number of land use sub-categories that our users identified as being of most importance in the responses we received in our 2020 TRICS User Survey, and these surveys will be taking place through September, October and November 2020.

The second stage is currently provisional, depending on official guidance as we move forward in the coming weeks, but our aim is to undertake a full traffic and multi-modal survey programme across all regions in 2021, with the surveys taking place in the spring and autumn windows. The size of this programme is yet to be confirmed, but we will be aiming for something similar to what we had originally envisaged for the 2020 programme (so likely over 200 surveys). With regards to the multi-modal (Level 2) surveys in this programme, we would like to split these between the spring and autumn windows, but again we will wait to see how things pan out in the coming weeks before making more of a decision on this element. We will of course keep you all informed of how things progress.

There is then the question of specifically commissioned TRICS Standardised Assessment Methodology (SAM) surveys, which also require face to face interviews of pedestrians. As things currently stand our previous March 2020 statement on the suspension of these surveys still applies. We continue to follow official guidance and advice, and cannot as yet provide an indication with confidence as to when SAM surveys will resume. It might be possible that some could take place this autumn, but as things remain very uncertain we cannot commit to anything at this stage. Again, once we are in a better position to make a decision on this we will issue a further statement accordingly.

I am sure this announcement today will be welcomed by everyone within the TRICS Community as a solid step forwards as lockdown restrictions are eased. The strength of our system is its data, and the TRICS team look forward to providing all of our users with regular database updates in the coming months.

Technical Report and Analysis Portal Now Available

Cambourne Village TRICS Survey

TRICS Consortium Limited are pleased to announce the publication and free availability of our technical report covering multi-modal and internalisation surveys undertaken at the Cambourne Village development in June 2018.

We believe this study is the first of its type. We surveyed the whole Cambourne Village site incorporating the usual multi-modal TRICS methodology, plus we also surveyed a number of separate internal non-residential developments within the overall site, looking at splits between internal and external trips, plus the types of journey that were being undertaken. Of course, the study only covers one particular large new settlement on one day (all surveys were undertaken simultaneously), and our results do not reflect any other similar new settlement, but the question of internalisation within such developments has been something that has been raised for a number of years, so we are pleased that we have been able to start looking into this in more detail. We see this as just the beginning, and we look forward to receiving feedback from anyone interested in this subject.

The report can be downloaded HERE.

We are also pleased to announce that an analysis portal that TRICS users can use to interrogate the survey results is also available within the Members Area of this website (just log in with user details and it is available there). At the end of the technical report there is some guidance on how to use this facility, which allows our users to look at the individual non-residential developments within Cambourne Village and undertake a variety of analyses based on survey time periods, the types of journeys being made, and splits between journeys to and from these developments made by people from within Cambourne Village and those external to it.

As always, the TRICS team are on hand to answer any queries you may have about this study.

Statement from TRICS Consortium Limited

Corona Virus

Given the current situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the UK, TRICS Consortium Limited has suspended our regional and specifically-commissioned SAM surveys until further notice.

It has become increasingly clear that any surveys undertaken during the period of the epidemic would be unrepresentative, with results of such surveys at high risk of challenge. Also, as I sure you will appreciate, the highest priority of our organisation is the safety of our team, along with the safety of our data collection contractors.

Please be assured that all other elements of TRICS service remain uninterrupted, with user support and system updates ongoing. The TRICS Bureau Service also continues to operate as normal. It is the intention of TRICS, once the epidemic is over and trip patterns return to normal, to undertake an extended regional data collection programme to make up for lost time, so we are already looking to the future once everything stabilises.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our TRICS Community the very best at this difficult and challenging time.

A Comparison of Vehicular Trip Rate Variation by TRICS Regions and Location Types

TRICS Technical Note:

TRICS Consortium Limited is pleased to announce the publication of a new Technical Note, “A Comparison of Vehicular Trip Rate Variation by TRICS Regions and Location Types”, which is now freely available to download by everyone. This report presents the findings of research recently undertaken by the TRICS team into vehicular trip rate variation by region, when compared to an identical exercise by TRICS location type. It examines vehicular trip rate variance by examining three of the largest and most often used land use categories in the TRICS database, these being 01/A (Food Superstores), 02/A (Offices), and 03/A (Houses Privately Owned). Our existing TRICS Good Practice guidance has always advised that our users should refrain from deselecting sites by geographical region as a default method, and instead should consider the TRICS location type along with a number of other local factors that may influence vehicular trip rates. We have now undertaken a set of technical analyses using the TRICS database to provide further clarity on this subject to our Good Practice Guide, which is being updated in 2020. A presentation on the report and its findings will be given at the 2019 TRICS Training & Development Forum in Oxford this November.

Click HERE to download the full report in PDF format.

Standard Assessment Monitoring
SAM has been developed by TRICS® as a system of monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of travel plans. It uses long established TRICS® methods of multi-modal data collection enhanced with comprehensive information on travel plan details to produce robust travel plan survey results. Click here to find out more.

TRICS® Training & Development Presentations 2019

System Developments for 2019
Expanding the TRICS Database
Food Superstores  Discount Food Stores
Regional  Location Trip Rate Variation
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