25th Annual TRICS User Meeting

TRICS Consortium Limited are very pleased to announce that, after a wait of three years, the 25th annual TRICS User Meeting will be taking place in London on Tuesday 29th November 2022.

The annual User Meeting is once again a free event (one person per member organisation office), and given we have had to postpone our events since our last one in 2019, we are expecting booking requests to arrive at a fast pace this year. Therefore, please book your places as soon as possible to avoid any potential disappointment, with places being subject to availability on a first come first served basis. The User Meeting is an ideal forum for both new and experienced users of TRICS, consisting of a series of presentations relating to the TRICS system and its associated projects. It is an excellent opportunity to network with members of the TRICS Community from across the UK and Ireland, and is always an event that allows all attendees to provide their own feedback and ideas as to how TRICS should continue to be developed and improved in the future. At lot has happened since the previous event in 2019 so there is a lot to talk about, and as per previous events there will be plenty of opportunity for attendees to participate through question and answer sessions and at the optional afternoon open forum.


This year’s presentations

As with previous years, we have put together a line-up of presentations for the 2022 event that cover a variety of topics associated with TRICS. The first presentation is a talk on the development of TRICS through 2020-2022, from changes to the Use Classes, a thorough revision of our Good Practice Guide, and the many system changes and improvements that have taken place and which are planned following the results of our annual User Survey. This will be followed by a look at our regional data collection programmes plus major changes to the information collected for commissioned TRICS SAM surveys at sites with travel plans in 2023, and then a presentation on a unique data collection project delivery liaison between TRICS and the AtoBetter Travel Planning Project in Norfolk, that has seen many additional surveys take place in that county.

After tea and coffee there is a dedicated second session on the Decide and Provide approach to development planning, starting with a presentation on the new approach following the publication of a collaborative report by TRICS, consultants and academic institutions. Then the next presentation will discuss how TRICS can be used to implement the new approach, and how the TRICS system itself will adapt and evolve to ensure that our system provides the necessary tools for our users.

There will then be a buffet lunch and a good opportunity to mix with other members of the TRICS Community before the afternoon sessions commence. The first talk of this session will be the presentation of the findings of a comparative trip rate analysis of petrol filling stations with and without significant retail, and this will be followed by the findings of a second technical analysis, this time a comparative study of trip generation across various TRICS residential land use sub-categories.

The final session of the day will then be split in two. The first option will be the TRICS open forum which covers all elements of the TRICS project, allowing further discussion on ideas raised throughout the day. The second option will be a TRICS system demonstration, which takes attendees through the main parts of the system and how it operates, and is always a good introduction for new TRICS users whilst also being a good refresher for those who have used the system previously.

The Venue

This year we are pleased to be holding our event at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square in Central London. We have hired two screen rooms for the event with plenty of comfortable seating, fully equipped with state of the art technology which you would expect at such a facility. The larger room will host our main presentations through the day, with the smaller room hosting the breakout session in the afternoon, where the demonstration of the TRICS system will be given. We have also hired the newly refurbished private bar at the venue for our tea and coffee breaks plus our buffet lunch. The location of the Vue cinema in the heart of London is also ideal, providing good public transport links to all destinations.


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3 Cranbourn Street
Leicester Square

The Programme

0930: REGISTRATION   |   1000: Welcome   |   Chair: Mike Green, Surrey County Council

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Developing TRICS Through 2020-2022
Owen Edwards, Assistant Manager, TRICS Consortium Limited

A look at how TRICS has continued to develop since the previous User Meeting in 2019, from changes to Use Classes, a thorough revision of the TRICS Good Practice Guide, and the many system changes undertaken over the 2020-2022 period, plus what changes are being made later in 2022 following the results of our annual TRICS User Survey.


TRICS Data Collection in 2022/23 and an Updated Approach to TRICS SAM Surveys
Steven Shaw, West Sussex County Council

Looking at the regional TRICS data collection programmes of 2022 and 2023 plus commissioned surveys, and a major review of supporting travel plan data collected for future SAM surveys by the TRICS Travel Plan Working Group.


TRICS & AtoBetter – A Project Delivery Liaison
Ian Coles, Project Manager, TRICS Consortium Limited

How TRICS and the AtoBetter Travel Planning Project in Norfolk have been working together on an annual data collection programme at new housing developments with travel plans.





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Nick Rabbets, Managing Director, TRICS Consortium Limited


Decide and Provide – The New Way Forward for Development Planning Panel Discussion
Glenn Lyons, University of the West of England
Lynn Basford, Basford Powers
Nick Rabbets, Managing Director, TRICS Consortium Limited

Discussing the new way forward for development planning, how the Industry is moving towards a more sustainable future and answering some user questions submitted prior to the event.





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A Comparative Trip Rate Analysis of Petrol Filling Stations With and Without Significant Retail
Matt Hogben, Kent County Council

A technical analysis comparing trip generation rates between the two Petrol Filling Station land use sub-categories in TRICS, prior to the publication of the technical document in the September update of TRICS version 7.9.3.


Residential Trip Rate Variation
Ian Coles, Project Manager, TRICS Consortium Limited

A technical analysis of trip rate variation between the various TRICS Residential land use sub-categories, prior to the publication of the technical document.



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Option 1: Interactive TRICS System Demonstration
Owen Edwards, Assistant Manager, TRICS Consortium Limited

A detailed demonstration of the system features of TRICS, ideal for new users or as a “refresher” for those who may not have used TRICS for a while. This session includes a brief run through of the “Cambourne Interactive Dashboard” that is available to all TRICS users.

Option 2: TRICS Open Forum
Nick Rabbets, Managing Director, TRICS Consortium Limited

This open session will include a panel and will consist of an open discussion covering a variety of TRICS topics including future system development and potential research initiatives, with plenty of time for contributions and questions from the floor.

Booking your FREE place

Places at this event are FREE to one delegate from each user organisation office. To book your place, please complete the on-line booking form. A member of the TRICS team will then confirm your place at the event by email.

Also, please note that the fees for second and subsequent places are £175 + VAT this year.

Booking Cancellations and Replacement Attendees

Please note that if an attendee wishes to cancel a booking or a replacement attendee is to take an original attendee’s place, then TRICS should be notified by email prior to the date of the event. This is to ensure that our administration of bookings can be kept up to date, and also ensures that we keep track of attendee numbers, which is very important should the event become very popular and availability for additional bookings becomes low.

We operate a paperless invoicing system to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. If you require paper copies of invoices to be sent to you via Royal Mail you will be charged an additional “Postage and Handling” fee.