Why do travels plans need to be monitored?

Monitoring is a key element of any travel plan. Without a robust monitoring programme, there is a risk the travel plan will become a static document that doesn’t change to suit the needs of the site. Without a monitoring programme it is also difficult to establish what the positive and negative elements of the travel plan are.

From a legislative perspective, Planning Policy Guidance 13 (Transport), states that a travel plan should be submitted alongside any planning application that is likely to have significant transport implications. The DfT’s Guidance on Transport Assessment has clear requirements that a travel plan should be developed and should inform the transport assessment process.

  The TRICS® Consortium has produced a suggested Travel Plan Condition and a Heads of Terms document or Section 106/278 Clause, both of which can be viewed by selecting the options below. Please note that these texts are suggestions only, intended to be for initial guidance.

  Travel Plan Condition

Heads of Terms document or Section 106/278 Clause